Writing Simple Sales Letters – Copywriting Made Easy

Writing Simple Sales Letters – Copywriting Made Easy

If you are selling a lot of inexpensive products, it doesn’t make sense to spend days preparing long copy to sell each of the products, particularly if the products are similar in nature.

Copywriting Formulas

There are several “formulas” for writing sales letters, and you have to decide which one is more appropriate for your needs. One of the oldest copywriting formulas is “AIDA.” AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. It is a tried-and-true formula that can be found at the core of most successful sales letters.

Another simple formula is the “Three P’s.” They are Promise, Product, and Price. Some people get creative and add more P’s to the formula, but it its simple form is perfect for short copywriting.

Yet another formula is the Problem, Agitate, Solution formula, where you describe a problem your customers may be having, then you agitate the problem by describing the major things that can go wrong, and then you provide a solution, which of course you can make available to them.

More elaborate formulas include about twenty or more different steps and can be found in copywriting books and courses. They are more detailed in terms of the various parts of a sales letter, like the Headline, Subheadline, Close, Post Data, etc. But the principles are the same: talk about benefits to the customer, not product features; focus on the customer not on you; trigger a decission through an immediate call to action; and, when appropriate, tell a story.

Using Sales Letter Templates

Throughout the years, I have discovered quite a few affiliate products that use sales letter templates adapted to a group of products. You can even buy scripts and templates to write sales letters and manage your sales. But what makes the most sense for a marketer is to create a template, or an outline, to guide you through your copywriting and simplify each step.

When you have created a format to serve as a skeleton for your copy, then you can completely ignore the formula to concentrate on developing each part of the simple message you want to send to your prospects and customers.

I have even created databases that separate each part of my messages. Then I simply merge my database to create the individual pages for each product.

If all you have to concentrate on at any one point is, for instance, what are the benefits of Aloe Vera, or what are the benefits of Rum-and-Raisins Ice Cream, then your mind is more clear than if you are worried about writing a well formated sales letter from scratch.

Give Yourself a Time Limit

Using a self-imposed deadline helps you to move quickly from one part of your outline or template to the next. You can always edit later, but the most important thing is to give shape to your sales copy as quickly as possible to force you to quit staring at the paper.

This copywriting exercise can give you greater confidence when writing more elaborate sales letters. You know you can produce copy quickly and you know you can always improve that copy later by testing and tracking your results.

Copywriting Made Easy by Michael Campbell

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Writing Simple Sales Letters – Copywriting Made Easy

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