Writing Articles For Others

Writing Articles For Others

As soon as I learned about article marketing, I started writing articles and submitting them to articles directories.

I had just been to my frist internet marketing conference, where I had met someone who had created an article submitter and I got sold on the idea.

I purchased the software and started submitting articles just knowing that thousands of dollars were heading my way in a few days.

My website only had about twenty pages, where I was promoting everything I had already bought, but the massive traffic never came. I’ve heard gurus talk about getting 1,000 visitors a day from an article, but that most have been on the first year of the internet’s existance. I don’t think I ever got 1,000 visitors in one month from an article.

If fact, I once did a study of the top 300 article marketers. I created a spreadsheet with the total number of visitors to their articles, the number of articles, the visitors per article, and the number of readers that actually clicked through to their websites.

From that study, which took me weeks to complete, I concluded that you need hundreds of articles to actually get consistent traffic from them. I could also understand why there was a constant competion to be at the top and make a name that JV partners will recognize and seek after.

Article Profits Through Outsourcing

Most of the top article marketers do not write their own articles, they outsource them. In fact, one article marketer was spending $800/month outsourcing articles at the time I did the study.

Based on my own experience and on what I learned from the study, I concluded that the smallest number of conversions, that is, of readers clicking through to your website, was in internet marketing and business related topics, and that the greater number of conversions was in niche marketing.

Take a topic like Seawater Aquariums, as a made-up example. More readers of any article on Seawater Aquariums will click through to the website link on the resource box of the article than they would on an article like this one. That is absolutely the shocking truth of what I learned. And the difference was significant, not marginal.

Needless to say, I started outsourcing articles for my niche sites. Both, to use as content and to post to article directories.

Be The Article Writer or Editor

As I continued studying article marketing, I realized that some people were making more money writing articles for others than they were by posting those articles to drive traffic to their own sites.

If you can think and type fast enough, you could make a pretty good wage, and some of the top article marketers also write for others.

Since we are now competing in a global arena, there is a bit more competition, and some of my colegues are outsourcing, editing, and reselling articles.

Create Article Collections By Theme or Niche

I have bought article collections with as few as five articles, and as many as several hundred articles. Some packages can contain thousands of articles.

Here you get into a different situation. The articles can be purchase by more than one person, but they cannot be posted to article directories by all of them in their original form, they have to be changed and made different one from the other to create “unique content.” These collections are issued as Private Lable Rights (PLR) collections, and can be edited to post on article directories, or used as they are (not recommended) to post on websites.

Selling these collections can be as easy as creating a Warrior Special Offer on the Warrior Forum. Many of the tens of thousands of internet marketers that are members of the forum are constantly looking for niche site content to get away from the intense competition in the internet marketing niche.

Some warriors sell article packages periodically and have created very successful business. You can be the next article writer that succeeds using this technique.

Earn Money By Writing Articles

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Writing Articles For Others

Writing Articles For Others

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