Working With Local Offline Clients

Working With Local Offline Clients

Regardless of how often you hear about offline clients not knowing internet marketing, in my experience I have found that most of them want to see what you can do before they hire you. They want to know that you can get results, even if they don’t know the specifics of how you do it.

Finding Offline Clients

One way to find offline clients is to look at ads on Craigslist requesting computer programming or web design. Some of them are very specific about what they want, while others even offer to share their profits with you if you do all the work on their website and drive traffic to their offers. Still others will question you to death and draw information from you on email after email before you meet face to face. I’ve even gone to meetings where the client didn’t show up.

Another way to find client is cold calling, either by phone or in person. A friend of mine even approached a telemarketing company to do the calling for him to get leads.

Another way is advertising. I have seen companies advertise even on the inserts or small magazines found inside newspapers, or the ones sent by mail. If you track your results, this form of advertising may prove beneficial to you.

Since you are an internet marketer, the ideal solution is to find a way to advertise online, either by using Adwords, or local portals, or SEO. After all, we tell our clients that advertising on the phonebook is not as efficient as advertising online, so we better prove it.

Prove It!

Be prepared to show proof of the results you have created. Offline clients may not understand online terminology, but they understand business and they understand numbers and results. Don’t underestimate your clients inteligence or you will end up looking like a fool.

Prepare your portfolio, showing websites, web statistics, traffic, and any significant achivements you want to show off; however, keep the proof simple, not overwhelming. Highlighting five to ten items is more than enough.

Create a Fee Schedule

Don’t wait until you are in front of a client to say, “Oh, yeah, I can do that!” Prepare a fee schedule with the type of services that you want to offer. Show your menu and let them choose “a la carte.” Then you can substitute baked potatoes for french fries as a special service, without sounding amateurish.

What Services to Offer

Just think about everything that you needed to do to create your website and start driving traffic to it. Think about all you have learned about internet marketing and how you can apply it to an offline store or service. Then think about what you can do well and what you can outsource dependably. Your customers may not realize the advantage of getting fries with their burger until you make that offer.

Check all paid services you can use, such as article distribution, back linking, and pay-per-click advertising, and offer them to your clients.
Think about all the ways to drive traffic to a website, such as article and video marketing, and offer that as well.

You don’t have to be the one that does everything, but the more comprehensive your services, the more professional you will seem to your clients.

If you want to work with offline clients, it is imperative that you learn to outsource; otherwise, you may not be providing the best solutions to your clients.

I know of a complete newbie that took his laptop to a prospects office and got his coach to video conference with the prospects and got a $100,000 contract. The coach had an outsource team in place and everyone profited.

Offline Marketing - The Fastest Way to Get Offline Clients

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Working With Local Offline Clients

Working With Local Offline Clients

Offline marketing consists of bringing our online expertise to offline businesses to help them develop their online presence and target their advertising.