Using Banner Ads in Your Marketing Mix

Using Banner Ads in Your Marketing Mix

Whenever we join an affiliate program, the first thing we look for is the banners we can put on our websites. Banners come is standard sizes, so that we can combine banners from various advertisers into a nice grid or matrix that complements the content and enhances our websites.

It is not unusual to find affiliate websites that have absolutely no graphics other than banner ads embedded with affiliate links. It works and it can be a very beneficial for everyone.

But even though we see and use banner ads all the time, we often don’t think that there would be any benefit to creating our own. The graphic aspects of banner ads seem to intimidate most internet marketers.

Creating Your Banners

The purpose of a banner ad is advertising; it is not to make you a graphic artist. The best way to create the banner ad may be simply to outsource its creation to a professional artist. As always, you can try to find very inexpensive outsourcers.

If you want to buy the bullet, you can use any graphic program, even Paint, which typically comes with all PCs. There are also free online programs that you can use to design your banner and download it.

If you are a bit more artistic, you should consider Photoshop. Even though the program is expensive, it is the one used by professionals and all the templates professional templates you can buy come in Photoshop format and you can edit them.

Text Ads vs. Image Ads

It has commonly being said that a text ad is more effective than a banner ad. After all the blinking and scrolling banner ad excesses of a few years back, people developed what was called “banner ad blindness.”

One of the advantages of banner ads vs. text ads is that they can be a lot cheaper. For that reason, many marketers create banners that are all text.

It would be wise not to accept old wisdom as current wisdom and test your results. Remember that once you find a successful campaign you will scale it up to get the maximum traffic you can, so it makes sense to test text vs. images in your banner ads.

Copywriters have the saying, “it is the text that does the selling,” but if you have seen the latest testosterone ads showing the most discerning and inquisitive beauties on earth, then you may reconsider that statement. If I were selling testosterone pharmaceuticals, I wouldn’t even consider text ads, no matter what my copywriter said.

Where do I Hang My Banner Ad?

Years ago, the company for which I worked was having an open house to show off our new facilities. We had a music band, catered food, and gifts for the visitors. We were all running around and someone mentioned all the construction at the main entrance. I decided to make a 25-foot banner to hide some of the construction and guide the visitors to the main building. In my hurry, I wrote “Welcomed to so and so” instead of “Welcome to so and so.” The huge vinyl banner got made and hanged and nobody noticed the misspelling, except for my boss’s boss, when he drove in from out of town. We had to quickly run and cover up the extra letter before the last visitor came in or worse, before one of the reporters took a picture of the sign and plastered it all over the front page of the newspaper.

The first place where you should put your banner would be on your own website. Next, you should use it as an image ad in the Google Display Network. You can also look for websites that accept banner advertisers and negotiate rates with them.

If you are successful at banner advertising, you may consider buying in bulk. There are companies that specialize in media buying, but it takes a more substantial investment to really get banner ads at the best possible price.

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Using Banner Ads in Your Marketing Mix

Using Banner Ads in Your Marketing Mix

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