Use Web 2.0 Properties for Social Communication

Use Web 2.0 Properties for Social Communication

My first computer was a Commodore 64. It only had one drive, a floppy drive. I spent hours learning to create simple programs and was often reminded by my wife that it was time to come to bed. The TV screen only showed a black screen with white letters. Windows wasn’t even thought of until many years later.

We learned to insert code into word processing programs and to write formulas for spreadsheets, but my favorite thing was creating simple databases or short programs in Basic language.

The first college I attended had a mainframe computer, but I never saw it. We had to create the programs and have punched into a lot of perforated cards that were fed into the computer. We took the cards in, and then we were told when to come back for the printouts; typically at midnight or later.

I was already working when I first heard of Windows. The computer guru at the office though Windows was the future of computing. We were all reluctant to adopt the technology and to learn weird expressions that sounded silly, like GUI or WYSIWYG.

The Computer Revolution Impacts Social Communications

The first breakthrough in computer technology was the creation of personal computers. Mainframes worked great in large institutions, but they were not practical, even for small businesses. Being able to have a computer at home changed social communications.

As soon as enough people had computers, they started looking at ways of communicating with each other. For me, the first step was to get a modem so that I could log into a bulletin board that was ran by the company that did our printing. I could upload building plans one night, and the next day the company would print them and ship them to me. I thought that was truly revolutionary.

But other people were using bulletin boards to exchange information and even to advertise their products or services.

The next breakthrough in computer technology was the creation of the graphic user interface (GUI), particularly the creation of the Windows environment. Eventually, World Wide Web created the interlinking of computers that enabled the internet to flourish and, once again, impacted social communications even more. The information age was born.

Web 2.0 and Social Communications

Man is never satisfied with information; man needs interaction. It is not enough to find a video about your favorite opera star; you want to be able to leave a comment. The show is not over until you get to sing as well.

Web 2.0 properties are all the virtual properties or websites that allow people to participate in the conversation. For instance:

• YouTube allows you to upload your own videos and to comment on other people’s videos.
• Facebook allows you to create your own page and invite your friends. It is becoming more popular than email.
• Twitter allows you to send mini blog posts that can be read by thousands of people.
• Blogger lets you create your own web log that you can even monetize with Google AdSense and affiliate marketing.
• Deviant Art lets you upload your own artwork and even sell it for a profit.
• Flickr lets you upload your photographs and to use photos from other members that have give creative commons rights to other members.

Most web 2.0 properties are free to use. Their greatest advantage is the internal traffic that they already have. People find you much more easily than if you were to create your own website from scratch. But the greatest advantage of Web 2.0 properties is connectivity. It would be a shame not to take advantage of such technology.

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Use Web 2.0 Properties for Social Communication

Use Web 2.0 Properties for Social Communication

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