Twitter as a Marketing Tool

Twitter as a Marketing Tool

Twitter was another innovation that, like text messaging, completely revolutionized social communications. It is called micro blogging, but that doesn’t really describe the depth of what it does.
They call it micro because each post must be limited to a maximum of 144 characters. And it is called blogging because it is a web log of all the posts that have been made.

But Twitter is much more than that. In a way, it is like a huge collection of interconnected blogs. Each member has his own blog and his posts can be seen by people that “follow” his blog. By the same token, each member can see all the posts made by the people the member follows, but only during the time he or she is online. In other words, if you are following 1,000 members, you don’t have to read all the blog posts that all 1,000 members post in a day, you only see what comes through will you are on twitter.

That is what gives twitter a sense of immediacy and that is also why I relate it to text messaging. It is short, to the point, and immediate.

Advantages of Twitter Marketing

The number one advantage is that Twitter is where millions of people hang out. Even a football stadium full of people seems small by comparison. By the way, isn’t it funny that football stadiums have become a unit of measurement like square yards or milliliters?

Twitter has a wonderful search engine that can also help you locate people with similar interest, that way you can start relationships with total strangers that have similar passions to yours.

Unlike other social media networks, Twitter puts up with a little marketing, but it also regulates it to keep relationships honest. The use of external software to control your postings has to conform to Twitter’s terms of service agreement.

Using Additional Software

Using software to manage your Twitter account can significantly improve your Twitter experience. Even though there are stronger limitations now on software design to increase your followers automatically, there are other great advantages to using software.

Software like TweetDeck is a great improvement over the standard Twitter interface. It can help you arrange your feeds, focus on the topics that are important to you, schedule your tweets, receive notification alerts, and manage multiple accounts.

There is also software to help you unfollow people in groups, rather than selecting each person one by one and clicking unfollow.

Tweeting on Twitter

Do you remember the old 1960’s British television program called The Avengers? Diana Rigg and Patrick Macnee were a class act as secret agents Emma Peel and John Steed. In one of the few episodes, there was a Mr. Tweeter who owned and aviary. I don’t remember the plot of the program, but I do remember he always introduced himself as just plain Tweeter and Emma and John both responded with, “I don’t do bird impersonations.”

Tweeting is kind of like doing bird impersonations. Just like a little bird, you are doing sending tiny messages through a large of tweeters and retweeters.

Getting Started with Twitter Marketing

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Twitter as a Marketing Tool

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