Turning Articles to Videos

Turning Articles to Videos

I plan to turn this article into a video. It is my own twist on the old challenge to “Write 100 articles in 100 days.” I’m travelling, though, and I’m a little more lenient with the deadline. The old computer on which I’m writing this article is not even connected to the internet. I’ve just about cleaned out all programs and antiviruses, except for Microsoft Word and Power Point; that way I can get the Pentium III processor to keep up with my typing. I have my laptop with me, but there is nothing like typing on an old keyboard and I found this computer stored in the corner of the room next to where I’m sleeping. The flat screen TV in my room has a vga port, so it was easy to get the old dinosaur working again.

Having a Face for Radio

Sadly enough, some of us have faces for radio, and it is extremely hard for us to agree to even have our pictures taken at a party, much less film us.

For me it is even worse; besides a face for radio I have a voice for article marketing. I speak inaudibly and with an accent, but I have to take on the challenge and overcome all those obstacles.

Sometimes it hurts to see young, obnoxious kids without an ounce of self-awareness, using profanity in their marketing efforts and having more success at it than many business people that are bringing their businesses online and getting used to the new technology.

From Article to Power Point Presentation

If you can write an article, you can also develop an outline for an article, and a Power Point presentation is nothing more than slides showing your outline one section at a time.

So, the first step in turning your article is to create an outline, which you can do directly in Power Point. By the way, I use Power Point and recommend it, but there are also free products that you can use to produce the slides of your outline, such as Open Office.

You go from article to outline to slides, but you still need sound on your videos.

Adding Sound

When adding sound to your video you have three options:

First, which I do not recommend, is that some people simply add no sound at all. They let the slides do all the talking, so to speak. But that can be very frustrating to your audience.

Second, you can add music to your slides and, again, let the slides do the talking. A great number of people take this approach, and there are even services that you can use, where you can upload your images and they add the sound and even a bit of transitional motion to your slides.

Third, and this is the option I recommend, is to record yourself reading the original article while your outline is being shown. This is the most engaging to your audience, since they get a sense of your presence and can even sense your personality from your voice.

The Best Solution

For the lucky, photogenic people with good voices, the optimal video is one in which you talk into the camera. There is no better way to develop trust with your audience that for them to see you in action. It is the closest thing to being face to face, with the added advantage that your audience can replay the video as often as they need to replay it.

How to Turn a Blog Post or Article Into a Video

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Turning Articles to Videos

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