Social Marketing versus Search Engine Marketing

Social Marketing versus Search Engine Marketing

Social media has had such an impact on our entire society that it has caught the attention of internet marketers and has presented an alternative to search engine marketing, as made popular by Overture and Google.

Social media is a means of social communication. It is a virtual social gathering, not unlike any other social even. However, every social event has a purpose or a theme. It may just be simple family reunion, or the company’s Christmas party, or a veteran’s reunion.

Search engine marketing is based on the principle that, in order to find the information in this information age, we search for it by using a search engine like Google or Yahoo. To a large extent, we know how these search engines find the content and we can optimize or site or our advertising to lead prospects to our sales pages.

Considerations for Social Media

Most people don’t like to be approached either at a social gathering or at church by someone trying to sell them something. It is inappropriate in most cases, unless it is within the context of the gathering. For instance, you could sell raffle tickets for fundraising events at church, or you could sell girl-scout cookies when you go visit your aunts, but you have to be very tactful even in those cases.

Social media “marketing” is not the same as social media “selling.” In marketing, you are either trying to brand yourself or you are trying to lead prospects to your sales pages or sales funnels.

Practically every company for which I have worked sponsored social events, fund-raising events, and even political events. Marketing in such events can be as simple as being present. Other ways of marketing in such events include the use of banners on the walls or logos on napkins, but it would not be out of order, if the conversation takes a turn in that direction, to hand your business card to someone and even set up an appointment with them. The selling part takes place in a separate environment, a business environment not a social one.

The same can be true in social media. It is ok to brand yourself and make your presence known, but as a marketer not as a salesman.

Considerations for Search Engine Marketing

Search engine offers the ability to target your marketing message to exactly what your prospects are looking for. The ability to use keyword phrases as a vehicle to reach your customers is unprecedented.

Think, for instance, about the difference of advertising your new art supply store on television as opposed to advertising it in an art magazine. In one case you are broadcasting, in the other you are targeting.

Which One Should I use?

It may be uncomfortable to wear to pair of underpants on the same day, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with using a pair one day and the other the next day. Remember also what you momma probably told you, “Don’t be caught dead without any on.”

Choose one or the other or use them both, but don’t be caught dead without one or the other; otherwise, you have no business.

Social Marketing

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Social Marketing versus Search Engine Marketing

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