Small Fortune With Tiny $7 Reports

Small Fortune With Tiny $7 Reports

When I was in college, I got interested in mail order marketing. I had an ad selling furniture plans but absolutely no marketing training.

A large company contacted me asking if I could give them quantity discounts so that they could resell my plans. I was so scared thinking that my plans were not printed professionally and that I had no idea what the discounts levels should be that I never replied.

Later, I fell into the chain letter trap that was so prevalent thirty years ago and ended up in trouble with the Postmaster. I was so shook up that I stopped mail order all together.

Back then, I started noticing people selling information. Sometimes you even had to send a “SASE” (self-addressed stamped envelop) to request the information. Things like how to make alternative fuel, or how to process deer meat, or how to draw cartoons were being sold through classified ads in the back of magazines.

I did my college thesis the plans for a geodesic building that an architect was selling via mail order. I knew the potential, I didn’t know squat about marketing. It took me years to learn.

Tiny $7 Reports

Though I sold the furniture plans, I wasn’t making any significant income. Just spending money. I quit selling after my problems with the Postmaster, though they were not related to furniture plans.

My mind got busy with college girls and I forgot marketing for a while. Years later it hit me, maybe I had not made enough from one product, but what if I created 100 products? They didn’t all have to be furniture plans, they could be anything; How to play hopscotch, how to draw gnats, 100 uses for Q-tips, or whatever…

Tiny $7 reports are based on that principle. One report may never make you a fortune, but 100 of them might. I have created over 100 reports, so I know you can do it too!

Why $7 Reports

The principle is simple: it is easier to sell a $7 product than a $47 product.

While it is true that selling a few expensive products can bring you more revenue than selling lots of cheaper products, it is also true that the lifetime value of a customer can be much greater than his original investment.

Developing a customer base is one of the best marketing training you can have. You can even offer them the more expensive product later and get good conversions.

Having a lot of small products is safer. Each report becomes a separate stream of income and diversification can bring greater security.

I once interviewed a master portrait photographer who lived in a small town. I asked him what he would do differently if he had to start over again. He answer surprised me. He said he would try to provide more commercial services at lower prices. This was the time when even drug stores started offering photo development and enlarging services. People were becoming oblivious to the value of a professional quality portrait.

By providing an inexpensive product, you can capture a new lead and develop it into a lifetime customer.

How to Sell $7 Reports

A few years back, a piece of marketing software became popular, it was called “The $7 Script.” It offered the ability to have affiliates selling your products.

A more recent script is “Rapid Action Profits.” It is a bit more advanced and also allows you to manage affiliates.

If you are more interested in getting started than in using affiliates, then all you need to do is put up a web page promoting the report and add a PayPal button to receive the payments.

How to Market $7 Reports

Selling is the process of presenting an irresistible offer. Marketing is the process of driving traffic to that offer.

Internet marketing in its most conceptual form could be understood as the methods and techniques to reach a virtual audience in order to bring them to your offers.

Any methods that you have learned to drive traffic to your website, such as SEO for organic traffic or Google Adwords for paid traffic, will work to bring traffic to your reports.

If you are trying to recruit affiliates, a common method is to use forum posting requesting affiliates.

You could also join affiliate networks, such as JVZoo, to promote your reports.

$7 Dollar Secrets

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Small Fortune With Tiny $7 Reports

Small Fortune With Tiny $7 Reports

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