Profiting From Continuity Programs

Profiting From Continuity Programs

Look at your own monthly budget and you will notice that you are already taking part in some kind of continuity program. Continuity programs involve not just products, but services also. The services can be provided by a private business or by a government owned agency.

You may think that utilities are essential and as such could not really be considered a continuity program, but they are. Amish people, even though they are required by law to build their homes according to building codes, they cannot be forced to use electricity, which is contrary to their belief system, and they opt out of that continuity program.

Newspaper subscriptions are continuity program, and so are magazine subscriptions, even though you may pay those yearly rather than monthly.

If you have a website and pay for hosting and for a domain name, you are already enrolled in a continuity program.

Health, home, and car insurance are continuity programs also, as are most products or services for which you pay periodically, whether monthly, quaterly, yearly or at whatever interval you have agreed to pay.

Creating Your Own Continuity Program

Cable television is a continuity program that required a huge investment and infrastructure. Netflix probably didn’t require as much of an intial investment and the technology is quickly compeating with cable television and is being expanded around the world.

You could begin to think of products or services that you can offer using a continuity program. Even services like Meals-On-Wheels and haircuts can be offered as a continuity programs.

You may already be offering a product or service online, like website graphics, that you can convert into a membership site with a little extra research and some content that can be made available periodically.

Tapping Into Other Continuity Programs

If you are not ready to create your own, tap into someone else’s continuity program. Become an affiliate for membership sites, hosting services, dating sites, and any continuity program that you may like.

There are great advantages in concentrating on marketing rather than on creating a membership site. You can dedicate yourself to promoting other people’s products and services and simply specialize on continuity programs.

Continuity Programs and Residual Income

Of course, the entire reason for seaking out continuity programs is residual income. That is income that keeps coming in after the bulk of the work is done. For instance, if you build an apartement complex and rent out the apartments, then you have residual income. It is the ideal real estate investment, where the money you make every month more than covers your expenses and leaves you with a positive cash flow.

How many apartments would you need to have rented continuously to pay for your development and leave you with enough residual income to live comfortable for the rest of your life?

Could you transpose that to the online world? Would you be able to create a continuity program of your own that can produce the kind of income you need to live comfortably? Could you, like so many internet marketers, concentrate on promoting dating sites and other membership sites that enable you to create enough streams of income to be able to comfortably provide for your family?

You have not truely graduated from marketing school unless you give continuity programs a try.

A young lady just out of college spammed my fax machine or email (I don’t remember which) and managed to sell me insurance years ago. She now lives in Costa Rica and is selling costal land to foreigners. I imagine she is still getting residual income from the insurance that she sold. She sends pictures of her Central American adventures from time to time, though I am no longer a client.

Membership sites for beginners - how to create a successful continuity program

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Profiting From Continuity Programs

Profiting From Continuity Programs

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