Product Launch – Lessons from the “7 Figure Code” Launch

Product Launch – Lessons from the “7 Figure Code” Launch

If you are creating electronic products to sell online, you may decide to put up a web page once your product is finished and then begin driving traffic to that page and hope to get continuous income from that product.

That method works, but there is a method that may work a whole lot better; it is known as the Product Launch Formula.

The Product Launch Formula

Simply stated, the Product Launch Formula is a way to create “buzz” even before the product is ready, so that when it is ready, people will jump at the chance to get it.

You have seen samples of that every time a new Harry Potter book comes out. Long lines form at bookstores ready to buy the books as soon as the midnight launch starts.

Interestingly enough, Mike Filsaime’s “7 Figure Code” also launched at midnight and it was one of the most successful launches of the year.

The product launch formula also involves recruiting plenty of affiliates that help you create that buzz and get the audience ready for the launch. It is hard to create a buzz all by yourself, unless you are a wasp.

Recruiting Affiliates

The product launch formula makes no sense without affiliates, unless you have a massive audience already.

Affiliates may be able to drive more traffic to your sales page than you can by yourself. They have their own audiences and that is what you are after. It is not that you want to share your profits with the world, it that you want to increase your sales and your customer base.

Successful marketers go out of their ways to recruit affiliates. Months before they launch their products, they may be visiting every major internet marketing event to create contacts and make themselves known. They may visit forums or spend time being more active in social media.

Your pre-launch efforts should be directed towards your affiliates and joint venture partners. They are the ones that can make your product launch a success.

What Joint Venture Partners Need

The most important thing that a JV partner or an affiliate needs is enough notice. Plan ahead and let them know your plans.

Give yourself adequate time to create the product and the sales page. You will lose some joint venture partners and affiliates if you postpone the launch even a few days.

Some affiliates may want to buy domains and prepare review sites to promote you. They need to have a reasonable certainty of your timing.

Make it easy for joint venture partners to promote. Create banners, emails, reviews, articles, and any types of links and graphics you can imagine to give to your affiliates to make it easy for them to promote your products.

When you write copy, make sure you are writing as an affiliate, not as a product creator. I have recently tried to promote a product when every bit of copy they made available to joint venture partners was written from the product creators point of view, not from the point of view of someone that is recommending the product.

Keep Your Affiliates and JV Partners Informed

I was involved in a recent launch that flopped. The product sold for several hundred dollars and I had already spent money buying a domain, getting backlinks, and preparing content. The product creator didn’t wait until the second day of the launch. As soon as he had enough traffic and knew that his conversions were poor, he let us know to stop promoting until he could do additional testing and re-launch. That was not an easy thing to do, since he will obviously lose a lot of affiliates for future product launches.

Some product creators, if they have prizes during the launch, they let their affiliates know who is winning to encourage a little competition. But even without prizes, just the incentive of being recognized as a top affiliate will let other marketers know who you are and will bring you requests to market their products.

Mike Filsaimes 7 Figure Code: The Hedgehog Concept

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Create a buzz for your product before you launch it and make sure you have your affiliates and JV partners ready to promote, then launch.

Make Your Product Launch Easy to Promote

Make Your Product Launch Easy to Promote

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