Product Creation Process

Product Creation Process

I bought a printing press when I was young because I needed to create lots of material to sell and the cost of printing was too high for me to afford. My wife and I had an old truck at the time that we seldom used because it swallowed too much gas, so we actually swapped the truck for a used printing press.

I was obsessed with printing, but the reason I was so obsessed was that I already knew there was a need for the products I wanted to create and I couldn’t afford the printer. I didn’t want to start a printing business; this was just a tool I wanted to use. That thing was so heavy that it ended up as yard sculpture when I had to move.

I already knew there was a market, because I was already selling products via mail order and other direct selling.

It is always recommended that you do market research to make sure that your product will sell; however, I must admit that the type of market research recommended for internet marketers is pathetic.

The big secret they want to tell you is that if there is a “For Idiots” book on the subject, then there is a market for that product. In other words, “Since I don’t know how to teach you to do market research, piggy back on someone else that knows how to do market research; but pay me for the tip first.” What if you want to sell tacos? I better stop ranting before I bust a gut or spill my guts and let you know that I wouldn’t be caught dead buying a book for idiots, but the marketers making those recommendations probably own the entire library and still hasn’t helped them any.

If you don’t already own one of those libraries, you probably can tell whether or not you can sell the tacos where you live or even via the internet. If you can order king cakes from Louisiana online, why couldn’t you order tacos online from your local store?

Product Creation and the Production Process

Once you have decide that you are going to sell tacos and that there is enough people that you can round up to buy them, then you it is time to get your pencil from the top of your ear and design your production process beginning from the time you go buy supplies to the time you hand the product to your customer.

Who will provide the supplies? How can I create a time efficient, repeatable process that I can use for similar products, like burritos and tostadas? Do I have all the human resources necessary to handle the entire process or do I need to outsource the cutting of the cheese? Can I keep my cost down in buying supplies and covering production to make a profit?

Scaling Up Product Creation

Each product demands its own production process, but there are products that have similar processes and that can be combined to give the customers more options, as in the case of the burritos and tostadas.

But there are also other products that may not share the same production process, but which could logically be combined with the product you are selling. If selling a slice of pizza at your taco joint brings you more customers, then you would be foolish not to add that process when you can.

By the same token, if you know that offering videos along with your eBooks can bring you more customers, you should consider getting your video camera out from under the bed and using it.

When any product creation process becomes second nature, then adding other processes will be the logical next step.

The Reverse Digital Product Creation Method - The Proper Way To Create An Information Product

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