Pay Per Click For Small Business

Pay Per Click For Small Business

If you have already tried pay per click, then you already know the danger of not monitoring a campaign throughout its inital launch. Google can manage so much traffic, that if you are not careful your campaign can be very costly very quickly, as in a day or two.

The key to successful pay per click is being able to balance your profits per conversion with your cost per conversion, so that you can have a adequate margin of profit that you know you can scale up, once your testing period is complete.

Realistic Expectations

You will have to spend money, more than likely without seeing any profits, to start getting feedback on how you need to adjust your campaign in order to see positive results. That is why large businesses seem to be more successful at pay per click, since they have a substantial enough advertising budget to maintain a pay per click campaign sometimes over a period of months before they get enough feedback to see what keywords are producing results and which keyword are costing them money. Once they know that, they can drop non-contributing keywords, reduce the cost of their campaign and maximize their profits.

I have a friend that spends $500,000/year using pay-per-click but makes $800,000 in gross sales, which means his net profit is $300,000/year. He does that with only 27 keywords that contribute to his profits. He dropped all other keywords that were actually costing him money.

Most people hear about someone making $800,000/year, but never imagine that they spend $500,000 of that money in advertising. When I first got started, and after feeding on hype for months, I would have though that maybe $5,000 or $10,000 would have produced those results. We must have realistic expectations. If my friend hadn’t had those expectations, he would have invested $10,000 and only be making a net profit of about $6,000/year. That would’ve forced him to get a job to survive. In stead, he is travelling around the world living the internet lifestyle.

Google Adwords

The top pay per click advertiser is Google Adwords. But whether you start with Google Adwords or with another advertiser you should keep in mind that once you have created a successful campaign, you should scale it up by increasing your budget and by using other advertisers.

I have gone to Google Adwords training, and also to their advanced training, and I can tell you that Google is not thinking of Adwords as an advertising tool for affiliate marketers, but for businesses, maybe even big businesses. You can think it has a low entry level requirement, when you hear people talking about 5 cents per click campaigns, but the truth is that those are hard to find and you may have to spend 5 cents thousands of times before you can find successful keywords at that rate. It is not impossible, but you need experience and that experience also has a price.

Local Advertising Using Pay Per Click

Perhaps the simplest way to have a successful campaign is to use it to advertise your local business.

Let’s say you have your own business as a permit expediter in a certain metropolitan area. You would start your campaign by creating a list of long-tail keywords to advertise you business. You would then geo-target your campaign so that your ads will only appear in the are that your business covers. You can do that by zip codes, for instance.

During the initial launch, you would set a maximum daily budget so that you can control your cost while you are gathering information on what keywords are successful. Soon you will start getting phone calls for your services and maybe some unrelated inquiries from people that missunderstood you ads (it has happened to me). That feedback will help you adjust your keywords to help you minimize your advertising cost.

Since local searches for your keywords may not be substantial, you may never use your daily budget, but if they are substantial, you can regulate your budget so you can stay busy at work without over spending in advertising.

Remember that you can always be thinking of new keywords to add to your campaign, if you are not getting enough traffic from you pay per click campaign.

How Does Pay Per Click Advertising Work?

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