Outsourcing is Delegating

Outsourcing is Delegating

One of my hobbies from the time I was a teenager was woodworking. Through the years I collected thousands of dollars in woodworking equipment and enjoyed designing and building furniture. It was one of the most relaxing activities for me, except when it was time for sanding and my shop would fill up with dust.

During a trip to visit my mother, I asked for a table that her father had built for her when she was a young girl. The table was more than 70 years old and needed some work. I hired a woodworker to sand it, French polish it, and take it apart for me so I could carry it on the plane. I could have done all of that myself, but that would have taken time away from my vacation.

When we start a side business, like internet marketing, we think of it almost as a hobby. We think we have to do all by ourselves. However, internet marketing is a business and when we see it as such; we can start thinking of ways to delegate some of the tasks we need done.

Outsourcing is Delegating

When I was a consultant, I hired an assistant to answer phones, do data entry, prepare bookkeeping forms, and do research for me. I only delegated the tasks that I knew she could do well, but there were times when I needed the help of other professionals and I had to hire them.

Outsourcing is a way to delegate tasks without having to hire anyone on a permanent basis. You just pay for the task. If you are successful in selecting your outsourcing team, you may even use them on a regular basis. You may have noticed how when you call customer services for some computer hardware or software program, you get someone with a heavy oriental accent helping you through your problem. Big companies use outsourcers and when you call customer services you may actually be connected to someone in another country.

When to Outsource

Before I started outsourcing, I thought I would rather hire someone to help me in my internet marketing career than to delegate tasks online to people I didn’t even know. I had hired quite a few people in my time and I knew I could train them to do what I needed done. I also knew that having employees was very burdensome, because you have to constantly balance your cash flow and their salaries, and even when things are slow, you still have to create work for them if you want to keep your team. Managing cash flow can be very, very stressful.

You should start outsourcing as soon as possible. It seems absurd when you hardly know what you are doing and are struggling with information overload. But you can start outsourcing with as little as $5 by going to Fiverr.com.

The advantage of outsourcing early is not only that you can start out small, but that you can give your business some direction and, maybe without knowing it, start getting out of the information overload state. People are paralyzed by too much knowledge. By outsourcing, you are forcing yourself to take action on something.

If you have grown in your internet marketing business to the point that you feel that you need to hire someone, make sure that the assistant you hire can manage all the outsourcing you need done. That may be the only person you ever hire.

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Outsourcing is Delegating

Outsourcing is Delegating

If you are paralized in your internet marketing by too much knowledge and too much to do, outsource. You can get started for less than the cost of a pizza.