More Effective Advertising

More Effective Advertising

Advertising, as Claude Hopkins puts it, is salesmanship multiplied. That is to say, that advertising and salesmanship have the same purpose: to produce sales. As such, advertising should be held to the same standards and judged as one would judge a salesman or a sales team.

The main difference between advertising and salesmanship is their scope. A sales person can talk effectively to another person or a small group, but advertising has to reach the masses. Advertising reaches people through all the means of social communication.

Advertising Cost

Just like you could track the effectiveness of your sales force by calculating your cost versus your revenue, and you can even track the individual sales men effectiveness by comparing their contribution to the overall profitability of a company, so can you track the effectiveness of each advertising campaign and of each ad you create.

Advertising Technology

Whenever new technology appears to faciliatate communications between people, advertising will soon find a way to use the new technology.

A little over a year ago, I was offered a gadget that broadcasts advertising to mobile phones. Depending on your investment, you could buy technology to walk through a mall as a regular shopper while broadcasting a message to every person on that mall, or you could buy a stronger signal to drive through a metropolitan area and do a similar broadcast. Every person within reach that has their mobile phone turned on would receive your message. That technology is now an old hat, and has probably been replaced by stronger broadcasting systems or by different technology.

I was at a hospital in a third-world country recently and I saw a representative of a pharmaceutical company in the waiting area. He was sick as a dog, but was there to sell medicines not to be a pacient. He caught my attention because of his youthful confidence. The waiting room was no different to him than a private office and his sell phone and table pc were all he needed to talk to customers and suppliers in other countries while he sneezed and coughed oblivious to his surroundings. To be honest, I was very tempted to ask a nurse to put a face mask on him, but I was called in and didn’t. What stayed with me was this salesman uncanny ability to use technology to check inventory, talk to international suppliers, and help his customer project deliveries, all while spraying his germs in a hospital waiting area.

Advertising has used everything from the postal service, radio, newspapers, television, banners, road signs, sky writing, street benches, phone books, loud speakers, and town criers to promote its messages, but as technology advances, tracking the effectiveness of each campaign and each ad within a campaign has become more feasible and accurate.

Testing And Tracking

How do you kow how effective is you billboard ad? How do you know if a billboard ad on the highway is more or less effective than one at the entrance of the City? How do you know if your customers got your telephone number from the yellow pages, or from your website, or from word of mouth? Furthermore, how do you know if this weeks coupon brings more revenue than last weeks coupon?

Testing and tracking are the ways to bring science to advertising. Testing involves comparisons, as when you compare the results of on Adwords ad versus another. Tracking involves analysis of preselected variables.

By testing and tracking you can get a very accurate picture of the effectiveness of your advertising efforts and the means to improve those efforts. They are not the same thing. Testing can help you improve results and effectiveness. Tracking can give you a more accurate picture of your overall efforts. Testing is your experiment lab. Tracking is your accounting department.

You often hear the expresion, “Always be testing;” let’s make that expression more complete by adding, “...and always be tracking.”

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