Marketing and Advertising Through Social Media

Marketing and Advertising Through Social Media

Marketing and advertising are two completely different disciplines. We must understand their differences in order to know how to use each one appropriately.

Marketing is a way of participating in the life of a community in order to place yourself or your business within the context of that community. A marketer joins clubs and business organizations, volunteers for charities, sponsors events, and becomes involved in the day-to-day life of his community.

The benefits of marketing are obvious. Just as you become integrated into the community, the community also corresponds by sponsoring your business when the need arises. It is similar to a branding campaign, but with greater commitment.

Advertising is simply a direct promotion of your products or services. “Hot Dogs For Sale, 50 cents/each.” Advertising is a more direct way of getting to business.

In some cases the line between marketing and advertising can become blurred, like television ads that show a car being built with great care, rather than a barking salesman walking around a car lot announcing the latest slashed prices.

But the main difference between marketing and advertising, when it comes to social media, is the degree of involvement you have within the social media community.

Most Internet Marketers are Actually Advertisers

When you think about the most common pursues for internet marketers regarding social media, like increasing followers, or likes, or views on videos, you realize that they are thinking like advertisers.

When you put an ad in a newspaper, you want to know the circulation of the paper to see if your ad will have enough exposure. Scientific advertising teaches us that results can be predictable after launching an initial campaign.

When I was learning to use Twitter, all the teachings were about increasing your followers. Once you mastered that, you were encouraged to use automatic tools to automatically post at regular intervals. People even sold pre-written posts that included your affiliate links and all you had to do was load them up into your program and blast Twitter with them. That is internet advertising, not internet marketing, and Twitter got wise and blocked a lot of the programs that were spamming the social media site.

As internet marketers we love automation, and we should. Technology is here to help us improve our efficiency and often even the quality of our work. But social media is not about advertising, it is about involvement.

Be a True Marketer When You Use Social Media

Get involved in the community. You can advertise all day long on Google and on your site, but social media requires commitment, no automation. Of course, you can use tools to help you, as any marketer should, but your objective is to give first before the community feels committed to you.

In the late nineties, there was a forum in which I participate often. I remember the first time that a national author joined the discussion and commented on my posts. Later, another national author invited me to come to the Midwest for a visit. I could hardly believe it. I was in awe of those people and never in my wildest dreams though that I would correspond with them, but that is the power of social media, particularly through the internet where everyone is equal.

Marketing seems like the long way around to do business, but the more involved you get, the quicker you will begin to attract true followers, not just numbers.

How social media advertising works

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Marketing and Advertising Through Social Media

Marketing and Advertising Through Social Media

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