Make Your Product Launch Easy to Promote

Make Your Product Launch Easy to Promote

I recently promoted a couple of products from two top internet marketers whose products I really like; however, promoting those products was not quite as easy as I thought it should be. I had to develop my own graphics, find articles, create freebies, and jump through all sorts of hoops to get the two websites going.

One of the sites started producing sales quickly, so it was easy to forget the effort I had put into it. The product launch for the other site got interrupted, and I still have a website waiting for the product creator to launch.

What Promotion Materials Are Most Important?

If you are planning a product launch, think of the various ways your joint venture partners and affiliates are going to promote it, then provide all the materials necessary for each type of promotion.

Banners are the most common marketing tools used by affiliate. It is certainly the most common promotion material made available to them. Graphics are great for communicating visually what the product is about. They can attract a lot of attention and they can contain a call to action. It would be wise to provide banners in a variety of sizes. If possible, you should create complementary graphics that your partners can use in their articles and sidebars, including a call to action button.

Review articles are a great way for affiliates to promote your products; however, I recently looked over the materials provided by another rising start in internet marketing and noticed that all the review articles made available to the affiliates were written in first person from the product creator’s point of view. That was a terrible mistake, and probably a costly one.

The articles should be created for the affiliates to use and they should not be the same as the ones you use for promoting your own product.

Other Promotion Materials

Some marketers do extensive keyword research to help JV partners and affiliates optimize their reviews. I have seen lists of as many as fifty keyword phrases that would bring decent traffic to the sites.

Similarly, some marketers provide lists of available domain names based on the recommended keywords.

One of the greatest promotional materials you can provide is a free report, or any other type of freebie, that your partners can use to build their lists while promoting your product. Some marketers add a note on their free reports saying something like, “To receive the latest updates of this report, please click link.” By doing so, you can build your own list through your partners’ efforts. Do send the people that sign in something. Don’t be like some people that know that they are never going to update their reports and just want the opt in.

Product Launch Incentives

Though some marketers have prizes for the top promoters, I recently found a great way to incentivize even the laziest affiliates.

Jimmy D. Brown did a product launch where he offered a free copy of the product to everyone that sold at least one copy of the product. Of course, some people join affiliate programs so that they can buy the products through their own affiliate links. Now you have a natural way to incentivize your affiliates to sell rather than buy. In a way, you are doing them a bigger favor than by allowing them to buy through their affiliate links.

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Create a buzz for your product before you launch it and make sure you have your affiliates and JV partners ready to promote, then launch.

Make Your Product Launch Easy to Promote

Make Your Product Launch Easy to Promote

I was processing a permit and the municipality asked me for a letter from a certain department. I wrote the letter myself and sent it to the reviewer. He just printed and signed it. Make it easy for them.