From Affiliate Marketer to Product Creator

From Affiliate Marketer to Product Creator

When I think of affiliate marketing, I think of three offline stores: my cousin’s pharmacy, CVS pharmacy, and WalMart, which also has a pharmacy.

My cousin doesn’t create a single product; he only distributes the medicines he gets from suppliers. My first job as a teenager was at that pharmacy, perhaps that is why I associate it with marketing.

Affiliate marketing is selling other people’s products and it is usually done within a niche. I could, for instance, create a website that recommends foot creams, or beaty products, that way I could concentrate my efforts within one industry and take advantage of the authority the site reaches within that industry.

The next store is CVS, which we all think of as a pharmacy, and yet the pharmacy area is a small portion located, not by mistake, in the back of the store. When you go to the pharmacy, you have to go through the rest of the store, and while you wait for your prescription to be filled you can walk around the store and buy a new pair of reading glasses, or cookies, or toys for your kids, or beauty products, or even have your telephone photos developed.

Then there is WalMart, you don’t think of the store as a pharmacy, and yet is pharmacy area is about as big as the CVS pharmacy itself. In fact, both of those pharmacies probably carry more medicines than my cousin’s pharmacy, which sells nothing but medical products.

Stores Developed Their Own Product Line

If you live in the United States and have visited a CVS pharmacy, you will have noticed that next to quite a few of the products they sell are products that have the CVS generic label and that are produce non-exclusively for CVS often by the same manufacturers that produce the name-brand products.

More and more stores are doing that. Sam’s Club, Publix, Walgreens, Winn Dixie, and many others are creating there own brands which can easily compete with name-brands since they are offered as generic and less expensive products that are practically identical to the well known products.

Sears has been developing products from the beginning, but they try to compete more directly with major brands. Their prices are higher since they have the expense of advertising, which generic products don’t have.

If major stores are creating their own products to maximize their control over production, availability, storage, distribution, price, and profit, then affiliate marketers should pay attention and begin to think in terms of creating their own products.

Creating Your Own Product Line

One of the first thing I learned from Mail Order Marketers is the importance of developing a line of products, rather than think of creating just one product. Even the post office learned to sell boxes and collectibles, not just stamps and envelops.

As an affiliate marketer, your success depends on representing more than one product line. As a product creator, your success depends on creating a product line that maximizes the lifetime value of your customers.

My cousin was fairly young when my uncle put him in a charge of the new pharmacy he was opening. But in my uncle’s original pharmacy, they were still mixing a few home remedies like those you may see in old westerns or oriental movies. Even back then my uncle was selling his own products.

Successful Product Creator Case Study

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