Email Marketing: Getting Your First Subscribers

Email Marketing: Getting Your First Subscribers

It took me a long time to pay attention to what I heard almost from the first day I started studying internet marketing, “The money is in the list.”

I heard that a million ways, including the relationship with your list, building a community, keeping emails short, writing long emails telling a stories, to a million more recommendations. I was even convinced of the importance of starting a list one day, but I kept putting it off.

During a trip overseas, I hired an architect to do some outsource work for me. One the assignments was to create a series of drawings to be given away as freebies on one of my niche sites. I got the beautifully rendered drawings back, created a zip file of the electronic version, and put up an optin page to get subscribers. I felt great. I was finally going to start building my email list of thousands upon thousands of subscribers.

A few things became obvious after the first few weeks. First, if I was going to get subscribers, I was going to have to promote the page either by paid advertising, or by strong backlinking through articles, of by having a lot of SEO-rich content. Second, if I was going to keep the subscribers, I was going to have to write some emails.

Email Marketing Is All About Writing Emails

There are a lot of ways to drive traffic to your optin pages, and a lot of courses are dedicated to doing that almost mechanically, but writing emails is something personal. It is a personal skill that you must develop and it is probably much harder than creating the freebie that you are giving away to get subscribers.

Unless you already are a talented writer, you will have to go through a learning process to get comfortable with your own writing style.

I was recently listening to someone that has to give a 15 minute speach to the public everyday. I was enthrowelled by his storytelling abilities and the ease with which he presented his ideas. Day after day, stories flow from his mouth and immediately captivate the audience’s attention. While I was listening to him, I started thinking of the internet. My mind was processing the possibilities of capturing his daily stories and putting them online. Imagine the amount of great content you would have at the end of the year.

Email Marketing Should Provide Great Content

It is particularly important to provide great content for your subscribers. It doesn’t make sense to put all your content creating efforts into articles in the hope that the search engines find it and send traffic to your site. Your list is where you find your best prospects and previous customers. They are more likely to buy than any traffic you send to any offer bar none.

Treat your subscribers and customers as your greatest assets. In fact, if you ever sold your business, your list may be the most valuable asset that you are selling. Just like the many times we see companies buying bussinesses to close them. They are not buying to destroy, but to capture customers.

Repurposing Email Content

Several of the great email marketers put a real effort into creating great content that you can later find repurposed into articles and even videos.

In some cases you get an email that has images and may say, “To see the web version of this email click here.” That means that besides the content being sent via email, it is also available at the website, and may, therefore, have SEO value. Emails are private, and search engines cannot craw the content to index them, but webpages are public and search engines can index them.

You can repurpose the great content you created for your email as articles, as content to put on optin pages, as scripts for videos, as recordings for podcasts, or even as future emails.

Dead Email Lists

After I had paid the architect to create the drawings to give as freebies, I was so concerned about creating an optin page, that I began to give the optin the greatest importance. That was wrong.

After I did create the optin page, and spent time designing the graphics and color scheme, and the thank-you page, and everything else, I got comfortable again and though I could now rest and watch my list grow.

It did grow a bit, just because people found the page organically, not because I was promoting it.

Then I noticed people started to unsubscribe. In fact, some download the freebies and unsubscribe immediately. Others stayed and both, they and I forgot they were even subscribed.

I say I forgot, because I never went through the trouble of writing again. I was just satisfy to capture their address and though I would just email them when I found a great offer and I could just send one blast, may a killing, and go back to my rest once again.

When I realized my folly, it was too late. I knew inside that I could not ever email the people I had kept dormant for so long. They probably wouldn’t even remember who I was and would accuse me of spam, so I erased the entire list and started anew.

Writing And The Blank Email Page

The best thing you can do, and you can do it even before you create your freebie and your optin page, is to write several emails that will be used as an auto-responder series as soon as someone subscribes. That way the danger of having a dead email list is reduced. You will not feel overworked by having to go from product creator to email marketer. I will all be part of the production process.

The more emails that you write at first, the safer your list will be.

The second best thing that you can do is to give yourself a schedule to write perhaps once a week on Tuesdays, per se. It doesn’t matter if you have three subscribers (seriously) or three thousand subscribers. Every Tuesday you write an additional email and your autoresponder series will begin to grow and grow.

If you do these two things, your customers will begin to know you and to trust you. Some may even like you and you will eventually love the results from your email marketing efforts.

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