Creating Image Ads

Creating Image Ads

Google AdWords revolutionized the entire advertising industry and made Google the top advertiser in the world, bar none. However, for small businesses and entrepreneurs, Google AdWords may be a bit costly and out of range for substantial advertising. However, Google offers a less expensive advertising option, the Google Content Network.

The Google Content Network

The Google Content Network was created to provide Google a wider reach by putting advertising in websites that are privately owned by individuals or organizations belonging to the network.

While Adwords are only display on the Google Search website, Google can display ads in just about any website in the world if the owner of the website joins the network, which is called AdSense.

AdWords ads display based on search terms or keywords, while the Google Content Network displays ads based on the context of the page on which the ad is displayed.

The Content Network can display text ads or image ads. Text ads do better in the search network, but are more expensive. Image ads are very appropriate for the Google Content Network because they can help ad graphic elements to the websites on which they are displayed. In fact, some websites us the image ads as the only graphics on their pages.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Image Ads

The greatest advantage with image ads is that you have less competition; therefore, your graphics may appear more often.
The cost is still modest compared to Google Adwords and an image has much more branding power than a text ad. Even if the ad is not clicked, you are still branding yourself and creating brand recognition that may help you in the future.

Image ads don’t have some of the limitations that Google puts on text ads. You can include as much text in your images without worrying about the number of characters or the destination URL.

The greatest disadvantage is that you may not be a graphic artist and may have to hire one to produce your ad. However, you can go to and find a few artists willing to help you for only five dollars. There are also image ad templates that you can buy, and all you have to do is use a graphics software to edit the text to suit your needs.

Another disadvantage is that a lot of the website publishers in the content network prefer to display text ads rather than image ads. However, there are plenty of websites that will display your ads and you can even choose the websites where you want your images displayed.

Creating Image Ads

Branding is very important. You should start thinking about ways that you can keep your brand consistent as you develop your display ads. Remember that you can also use the images in your own website, so that when people get there from clicking on your ads, they can see the consistency and feel more at home.

I like to buy templates that I can modify and from which I can get ideas. There are plenty of excellent graphic artists offering their services. Buying templates is probably the cheapest way to take advantage of their talents. Of course, you can always outsourse your designs to them, if you don’t already have an editing program, like Photoshop, where you can edit the files.

Don’t just create ads in one size. Choose three to five of the most popular sizes and create ads that are consistent in design. I often design pages around the sizes of my favorite image ads, and other people do too, but we all have different tastes.

Creating ads in every single size may be more than a hassle than it is worth, after all, your budget controls the number of times your ads are displayed and you want them to have maximum impact, not fit in every nook and cranny that is available.

How to create image ads in different sizes

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Creating Image Ads

Creating Image Ads

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