Book Publishing in the Kindle Age

Book Publishing in the Kindle Age

I enjoy writing. I liked it from the time I was in high school and the literature teacher gave us a group assignment. It was three of us working on the project, but one of them was a leach and didn’t do any research and I imagine was waiting till the day before the project was due to do his part. He never did, but we didn’t tell on him (until now).

I got my mother to type the report, because neither one of us could type; my mother spent days doing the typing. I didn’t want full pages, but half pages, which made her job a lot harder. For the cover, I drew a pen and ink drawing and then we took all the pages to a binder. A day later, we had a hardcover, bound book. No one else ever thought about having their report bound, so we got an A probably before the teacher ever read the report.

Nowadays, bookbinding is almost a lost art. Libraries are probably the only ones having books bound one at a time. But for me, going into that shop and seeing the binding press, the thread and needle use to bind the pages, and the glue used to put the book together was an unforgettable experience, but not as significant as having a book you had co-created in your hand. It was a first edition consisting of one copy only, but it was as real a book as any other. The only comment the teacher made to me was, “You should consider being a writer.”

I took a different path, but writing has always been a part of my life, and now more than ever.

Fiction and Non-Fiction Writing

Though I was married to a fiction writer, my work has always been technical and I always preferred writing non-fiction. Famous fiction writers are more plentiful than famous non-fiction writers. That holds true even in the Kindle age; one of the authors that have sold the most Kindle ebooks, over one million copies, is also a fiction writer.

As marketers, we are interested in things that sell, but we cannot force make ourselves into a famous fiction writer overnight. Some marketers have chosen to use their skills to market great books that were originally poorly marketed.

Self-Publishing and Marketing

If you like writing and you are a marketer, then there may not be a better option for you than self-publishing. You may have to carry the initial cost of publishing the book, but you will have complete control of the marketing and of the profit share. Self-publishing is not as glamorous as being published by a famous New York publisher, but it can be dramatically more financially rewarding.

If you want to get started publishing, you should consider doing it in a small scale. There are options now that would even allow you to order only a handful of books at a time. It is called “publishing-on-demand.” The books are produced as you sell them, that way you don’t have to carry any inventory. is one of the companies offering publishing-on-demand.

Another option is to publish electronic versions of the book. More ebooks were sold last year by Amazon than regular books. Try publishing using the Kindle platform. The competition is not as great as in the regular book publishing arena.

My First Check From Amazon Kindle Publishing!

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Book Publishing in the Kindle Age

Book Publishing in the Kindle Age

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